Life is LIVE

One viral, almost virtual particle, shorter than a light wavelength, broke the tracks of the high-speed train on which the world was riding. It left us at the halfway point, in a hurry but not yet there, isolated, without luggage and without a return ticket to the previous way of things. We got a bit  frightened, we worried a lot, and yet we tried to adapt – through common rules, personal responsibility and care for one another. We moved most of our life to ours screens, because that allowed us to see more faces, less masks. We started studying, working, shopping, having fun and even watching performances online. 

Until today. With the inherent power given to every number “13”, the 13th edition of Antistatic politely demands life to safely get back on track, so that we can all return to where we want to be: artists on stage, and audiences together with us in the performance space. That is why we invite you to shut down your screens, at least for a little while, and to meet up LIVE outside the world wide web*. To ensure a smooth and fulfilling adaptation process, 2020’s edition of Antistatic will happen as a series of different events throughout October and November. 

On the 10th – 11th of October, the festival will kick-off with the International Choreographic Convention Movement Research (part of the program Choreographic Convention of the European Project Life Long Burning  – Towards a Sustainable Eco System for Contemporary Dance in Europe). From the 6th to 8th of November, the second Bulgarian Dance Platform will occur, showing no more, no less, than exactly 13 performances, all created in recent years. Vol. 2 of the annual Magazine for Dance will also have a ‘premiere’ at the festival. And despite the ever-changing travel regulations, the 13th Antistatic will strengthen our dance immunity with the International Artistic Program, bringing productions from Germany, Austria, USA, Spain and Slovenia straight to Bulgaria.

So, grab your most beautiful face mask and be with us, because while COVID-19 taught us many lessons, the most important is that Life is LIVE. 

Iva Sveshtarova, Willy Prager, Stephan A. Shtereff

* Following all necessary measures to prevent the spread of  COVID-19.