7 April  2012 , Sfumato Theatre Laboratory
7.00 p.m. , Main hall
Concept, music and choreography: Ivo Dimchev (Bulgaria/Belgium); Sculptures and artistic advice: Franz West (Austria); Sound assistance: Emilian Gatsov (Bulgaria); Production: Humarts Foundation, Volksroom Brussels
The solo “I-On” is a performance including dance, music and song by which Ivo Dimchev examines the sculptures of Franz West – the Viennese artist who was awarded with Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement at the Venice Biennale in 2011. In the 1970’s West created a set of objects of everyday use without any function which he called “Pass-stücke” – “adaptives” or “pieces that fit”. According to West, these portable, everyday objects do not become complete works of art until somebody actually does something with them. And that is exactly what Ivo Dimchev does. In a wild and exuberant stylistic mixture he reveals how his performative self adapts itself to the works of Franz West.
Duration: 60 min.

Tickets: 10 BGN