April 3 (Sunday) 2011 , The Red House

8.30 p.m , Red hall


Dance performance by Miroslav Yordanov (Bulgaria) and Valeri Milenkov (Bulgaria); Performance: Valeri Milenkov (Bulgaria); Artist: Ralitza Toneva (Bulgaria); Music: Jurii Bondzukov (Bulgaria)

Écorché is an organic monologue of the fetish-body, which is concentrated in the cut and in the touch. Écorché explores the dynamics of a body which has driven the personality away; a body which has its own thoughts on its borders and entirety; a body which is radical in its gestures, which is dissolved and sensitive. Écorché is part of a long-term project of Miroslav Yordanov, which aims at the production of a series of solo performances and chamber music performances within the arena of contemporary dance. In the frame of that project the following performances were created: Void, Ductus – A Manual on Riding Dead Horses, and Slit – Mishima and St. Sebastian – a performance based on parts of the biography and works by the Japanese writer Yukio Mishima.

Duration: 50 min.