ANTISTATIC Festival for Contemporary Dance and Performance 15th – 21st April 2013 profile matters The Festival for Contemporary Dance and Performance ANTISTATIC has already built up its own profile of a platform for definite artistic standpoints. But what is really this elusive material of the performer – his/her ownRead More →

Eszter Salamon DANCE FOR NOTHING 15 April,19h., Theatre Hall, Sofia University Concept & Dance: Eszter Salamon (Hungary/ Germany) Music: John Cage In Dance for Nothing Eszer Salamon performs John Cage’s music “Lecture on Nothing” (1949) and simultaneously dances with the aim of creating choreography of movements to be juxtaposedRead More →

BROKEN DANCEFLOORS     artistic intervention in the city idea and performance: Simon Rummel (Germany) The design of floors in public spaces is very often demand-orientated. A lot of space is being covered with standard modules which are quite solid, have simple geometric forms, are weatherproof and look all theRead More →

Miroslav Yordanov Medea 16 April, 20h, Red House Centre for Culture and Debate, Red Hall dramaturgy, choreography, costumes: Miroslav Yordanov performers: Miroslava Zahova, Nikola Borisov music: Yurij Bondjukov light design: Ralitza Toneva assistant: Elena Dimitrova medea takes place in a devastated reality, inhabited by phantom images and fragments thatRead More →


Jee-Ae Lim (South Korea/ Germany) RAW MATERIAL / 생소한 몸 17 April, 19h, Theatre Hall, Sofia University Concept and Performance: Jee-Ae Lim Sound: Kyan Bayani “Raw Material” is about the individualized notions of traditional 전통의 Korean dance 춤 in the light of personal identity 정체성. It attempts to appropriateRead More →

Willy Prager_Victory Day

Willy Prager THE VICTORY DAY 18 April, 19h, Theatre “Sfumato” Concept and creation : Willy Prager In collaboration with Iva Sveshtarova With: Iva Sveshtarova , Jea-Ae Lim, Willy Prager Music: Emilian Gatsov-Elbi Dramaturgical advisor : Angelina Georgieva Advisor: Galina Borissova Produced by: Tanztage-Berlin ,HZT-Berlin,Tanztage-Berlin “The Victory Day” (named afterRead More →

Duet, Foto de Lucian Spatariu (4)

Sergiu Matis& Vlaicu Golcea (Romania/ Germany) DUET 19 April, 20h, Red House Centre for Culture and Debate, Red Hall by and with Sergiu Matis and Vlaicu Golcea a production realized by Moving Romania Festival, Potsdam In „Duet“ the performers are surrounded by microphones, speakers, instruments and their own voice.Read More →


KARPOV NOT KASPAROV (Romania) 20 April, 21.30h, Red House Centre for Culture and Debate, Red Hall a concert by Eduard Gabia and Valeriu Borcos A musical game of action and reaction between the drums and a vintage synthethizer. Karpov not Kasparov started as a project by an analog visualRead More →


Dani Brown (USA/ Germany) HOW DO YOU IMAGINE THE DEVIL? 21 April, 19h, Theatre “Sfumato” choreography /dance / performance: Dani Brown guest performer: Gael Cleinow sound composition, voice coach: Alessio Castellacci light design: Henning Eggers In her solo, one of the new interesting names on the international scene –Read More →