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April 1 (Friday) 2011, Nikolay Binev Youth Theatre 7.00 p.m., Chamber hall “Look Look” Concept and performance: Anne Juren (France/Austria), Krõõt Juurak (Estonia/Austria); With the cooperation of Eva Blut (Austria), and co-production by Tanzquartier Wien and Unit F. Look Look is a choreographic transcription of the creative process atRead More →


April 1 (Friday) 2011, The Red House 8.30 p.m., Red hall +/- Topology Concept and performance: Deufert+Plischke (Germany), Iva Sveshtarova (Bulgaria), Neli Mitewa (Bulgaria), Willy Prager (Bulgaria), Stephan A. Shtereff (Bulgaria), Mila Odazhieva (Bulgaria), Maya Stefanova (Bulgaria), Boyan Manchev (Bulgaria). Production of Б brain С store П project, GoetheRead More →

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April 2 (Saturday) 2011, Nikolay Binev Youth Theatre 7.00 p.m., Chamber hall Viva Mandic Concept: Marko Mandić (Slovenia) and Boyana Iablovec (Slovenia); Performance: Marko Mandić (Slovenia); Production of Via Negativa, 2009. In one hour, Marko literarally extracts his artistic life into one single glass of sweat. On two videoRead More →

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April 2 (Saturday) 2011 , The Red House 9.00 p.m., Red hall Heidi Creation and performance: Alexandar Georgiev (Macedonia) This Project deals with stupidity as a term, a state of mind and as a sensation. The aim is far from saving the world. Heidi is a constructed figure –Read More →


Choreography and concept: Iskara Sukarova (Macedonia) and Dejan Surhoj (Slovenia); Dramaturgy: Ana Vujanovic (Serbia); Production manager: Biljana Tanurovska-Kjulavkovski (Macedonia); Performance: Iskara Sukarova (Macedonia) and Aleksandar Georgiev (Macedonia) Formula is a process: a project developed in different phases through diverse modes of collaboration between Sukarova, Srhoj and other dramaturgists, theoreticians,Read More →


April 3 (Sunday) 2011 , Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridsky 7.00 p.m., @lma @lter Theatre Laboratory Dune Dance Company presents: Danza  Idea and Choreography: Petya Stoykova (Bulgaria); Production: Dune Dance Company/Dance BG; Performance: Vladimir Grudev (Bulgaria), Petya Andreeva (Bulgaria), Petya Stoykova (Bulgaria); Music: I. Albéniz, P. I. Tchaikovsky, Ch.Read More →

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April 3 (Sunday) 2011 , The Red House 8.30 p.m , Red hall Écorché Dance performance by Miroslav Yordanov (Bulgaria) and Valeri Milenkov (Bulgaria); Performance: Valeri Milenkov (Bulgaria); Artist: Ralitza Toneva (Bulgaria); Music: Jurii Bondzukov (Bulgaria) Écorché is an organic monologue of the fetish-body, which is concentrated in theRead More →

April 4 (Monday) 2011 , The Red House 5.00 p.m , Red hall Dance Images and Artistic Preferences by Galina Borisova (Bulgaria) Book Premiere This book collects together different opinions, experiences and personal views from many dancers, choreographers and critics, including interviews and discussions of artists who have publishedRead More →


April 4 (Monday) 2011 , Rayko Alexiev Gallery 8.00 p.m. Ligna (Germany) presents: The New Man  This performance from 2008 is actually an experiment in four parts, which shows visions of “new man” and aims to make the public experience them as well. Using headphones, all participants move onRead More →

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April 4 (Monday) 2011,  The Red House 9.30 p.m, Red hall Untitled Stills  Practise-Format by An Kaler (Austria) in cooperation with Alexander Baczynski and Rodrigo Sobarzo Untitled Stills explores the pictorial quality of movement. Based on notions of the still image (in video and photography) the still in motionRead More →

April 5 (Tuesday) 2011 , The Red House 4.30 p.m , Pesha Nikolova hall Presentation of Academy DasArts-Amsterdam by Georg Weinand (The Netherlands) DasArts is presented by Georg Weinand, DasArts dramaturgist, who will introduce the Master Degree Programme in Theatre Studies. Questions answered will include: For whom is DasArtsRead More →


April 5 (Tuesday) 2011 , Nikolay Binev Youth Theatre 7.00 p.m ., Chamber hall I Will Try Author and performance: Alexander Andriyashkin (Russia); Assistants: Vadim Kartashev (Russia), Nina Kungurova (Russia); Music which can be (un) used during the performance: the hood, F. Sinatra, P. Comelade, L. Utesov, A. Aleksandrov,Read More →


April 5 (Tuesday) 2011 , Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridsky 9.00 p.m., @lma @lter Theatrе Laboratory EIO Performance: Maria Baroncha (Romania), Eduard Gabia (Romania), Dragana Bulut (Serbia) EIO is displayed to you in this very moment. EIO invests in writing this text for the practical purpose of you readingRead More →