April 3 (Friday) 2009, The Red House, Red hall 7.00 p.m. Mosaic Idea, choreography and performance: Dragana Alfirevic (Serbia/Slovenia) Mosaic is a performance about intimate interpretations of femininity and feminism. Duration: 45 min.Read More →

yana_marinova 2

Idea and choreography: Stephan A. Shtereff (Bulgaria) The performance is an artistic ‘reflection’-remake of Veronique Doisneau of Jerome Bell structured as a citation and commentary of already created stage production. A documentary performance discussing the institutionalization of the dancer in the context of the classical ballet. The objects ofRead More →


late evening show with consumption Musical collage and improvisation: Galina Borissova (Bulgaria) “The collapse of moments just before the formation of their existence lately entertains me a lot.The feeling of destruction of the concentration at a time when the spectator has just established a sign that there is somethingRead More →

Eduard-Gabia_My brut material

My Brut Material – Your Performance Idea and realization: Eduard Gabia (Romania) „I realized that I do not distinguish anymore my civil (casual) body from the performing body. My casual body, since the day I was born, has begun to learn different things, to absorb sensations, to be awareRead More →


Б brain С store П project – creative concepts’ store presents: Donna Clara Willy Prager/Iva Sveshtarova (Bulgaria), Costumes consultant: Nelly Mitewa (Bulgaria) Performance dedicated to all those nears and dears living in Paradise. Donna Clara is the person who transforms the energy between two parallel lives that exist inRead More →


  Union of Bulgarian Artists presents: tri3avisim (Cliché Instant; Saumo; Symbiosis) A dance performance in three parts. Б brain С storе П project presents their artistic reading of the problem with well-established cliché images and behaviour in the art. Derida Dance deal with the question “What Does Define theRead More →

Idea and realization: Ivaylo Dimitrov and Denitza Georgieva (Bulgaria) A duet form where the dynamic effect explores simultaneous getting and giving, resonance and flaming, colliding and acceptance, push by the others. These exercises require a strong inner focus in combination with a ‘chill out’ attitude for existence. As aRead More →


Theatre Laboratory “@lma @lter” presents: The Unnameable by Samuel Beckett Staging: Nikolai Georgiev, (Bulgaria); Choreography: Petya Iossifova (Bulgaria); With: @lma @lter “Voice”, “words”, “talking”, “mouth”, “ear”, “eye”, “idleness”, “timelessness”, “things”, “names”, “silence”, “waiting”… that has nothing in common with the expectation, that is hope. “Waiting” is just waiting. “WaitingRead More →


Nomad Programme presents: Arts vs. Business Idea and realization: Nina Bozic (Slovenia) Dance performance is mixed with hard core business selling and business lecture is mixed with emotive dance, because art and business are not two words apart. You decide if the result of their interaction is worth supporting.Read More →


Dalija Acin & Recognize Crew present: Oh, no! Concept: Dalija Acin (Serbia); Choreography: Dalija Acin, Recognize Crew (Serbia); Dramaturgy: Sasa Bozic, (Serbia); Performed by: Darko Bursac, Luka Lukic (Serbia); Music: Goran Simonoski, Ivan Antic (Serbia); Graphic Design: Mihailo Rsumovic (Serbia) The usage only of the break dance movements marksRead More →