Bulgarian Dance Platform

The Bulgarian Dance Platform is a new initiative of the Antistatic festival for contemporary dance and performance.
The Bulgarian Dance Platform will present the best artistic achievements in the field of contemporary dance and performance in front of specially invited international audience, including festival organizers and selectors, managers of performance venues, directors of funds and institutions financing contemporary dance, and in front of Bulgarian audience as well. The Bulgarian Dance Platform will create brand new opportunities for the Bulgarian artists from all the different genres in the field of contemporary dance and performance beyond the borders of the country. It will also give the chance for debut artists, dancers and managers of independent companies to be noticed and included in current European cultural processes.
This event and presentation will be the first of its kind – up to this moment there has not been a common producing platform for all makers and performers of contemporary dance in Bulgaria. The mission of the platform is to help all actors and the whole field in their further integration in the international professional network. Furthermore, our ambition is to offer a platform to the Bulgarian independent field to internationalise their work, to seek new opportunities for collaboration and to be able to work in a more diverse context.
The Bulgarian Dance Platform will set up the foundations of the regular organization of international professional events, dedicated to promoting, showing and developing the policies for advocating and supporting the contemporary dance and performance processes. These professional events take place in order to encourage the creation and co-production of national and international projects in the field of dance, as well as to promote the international exchange between dance artists, performers and managers.