+/- Topology

April 1 (Friday) 2011, The Red House

8.30 p.m., Red hall

+/- Topology

Concept and performance: Deufert+Plischke (Germany), Iva Sveshtarova (Bulgaria), Neli Mitewa (Bulgaria), Willy Prager (Bulgaria), Stephan A. Shtereff (Bulgaria), Mila Odazhieva (Bulgaria), Maya Stefanova (Bulgaria), Boyan Manchev (Bulgaria). Production of Б brain С store П project, Goethe Institut Bulgarien and Deufert+Plischke.

Our investigation into the (self)representation of Bulgaria was not intended as a historical or political documentation. It was rather that we wanted to find out the nature of the texture, the complex and interwoven memories, the facts and the stereotypes that build the many voices of the narrative of Bulgaria. The political element is to be found in the presentation of the event itself and in the invitation it speaks out: a calling to deliberately participate in what we have  constructed, to build your own individual topology – be it a political-historical passage, an aesthetic topology or a queer archeology. So make your decision! It’s clear: You are no longer a passive spectator! At first look, the elements on display seem familiar: pickles, embroidery, saints, soccer, card games and porn-stars to name only some. The performance of the installation creates the installation. And what emerges is not pre-arranged. +/- Topology is a room of emergence.

Duration: 150 min.