Choreography and concept: Iskara Sukarova (Macedonia) and Dejan Surhoj (Slovenia); Dramaturgy: Ana Vujanovic (Serbia); Production manager: Biljana Tanurovska-Kjulavkovski (Macedonia); Performance: Iskara Sukarova (Macedonia) and Aleksandar Georgiev (Macedonia)

Formula is a process: a project developed in different phases through diverse modes of collaboration between Sukarova, Srhoj and other dramaturgists, theoreticians, performers… First Formula was based on the deconstruction of some aspects of classical ballet (moving in diagonals, facing public and facing up-stage, partnering, gestures). These aspects were later re-shaped, inverted, and exposed. The result was far from ballet, but it kept aiming at precision of performance, quality of touch, and being human. In the newest phase of their research and process of development, Formula, Sukarova and Surhoj invited new performer, Aleksandar Georgiev, to join them, who together with the authors worked on the (re)shaping of the given structures, articulating new bodily communication into the concept.

Duration: 25 min.