Viva Mandic

April 2 (Saturday) 2011, Nikolay Binev Youth Theatre

7.00 p.m., Chamber hall

Viva Mandic

Concept: Marko Mandić (Slovenia) and Boyana Iablovec (Slovenia); Performance: Marko Mandić (Slovenia); Production of Via Negativa, 2009.

In one hour, Marko literarally extracts his artistic life into one single glass of sweat. On two video screens we simultaneously witness his theatre achievements, from the beginning of his career up to the Slovenian National Award (2009), and his secret artistic experience gleaned from two nights spent in the repository of the Slovenian National Theatre. The essence of his performance summarizes the three following questions: 1.Why am I doing all this? 2. Who is all this meant for? 3. What is my purpose? With his answers Marko remains radical and uncompromising: 1. Because of me. 2. For Me. 3. Me. Viva Mandić! Exhibitionist, Narcissus, Jester, Intellectual, Animal, Egoist, Artist!

Duration: 60 min.